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Delivering Heat

13. April - 2014

Some exploration into a new personal project that takes on the title of "Delivering Heat". Shipping containers and vintage sneaker boxes combined into something interesting. More looks coming soon.


Canada 150 Sesquicentennial Logo Concept (unofficial)

06. December - 2013

This month the Canadian government is testing logo directions for the country's 150th anniversary celebration, slated for 2017. The proposed logos were less than stellar (a writeup and the original concepts can be found here). As a Canadian and a designer, I took it upon myself to put together something better with these unofficial concepts. So far the feedback has been quite positive and have been gaining momentum on Dribbble. Hopefully Heritage Canada will take a cue from this and put more effort into finding the right direction for these, at least they have some time to make things right.



08. October - 2013

Some new products releasing for the Fall, including the new Greenwoods DPM Woodgrain Camouflage Collection. The collection includes art prints, Casemate® cases for the iPhone 5c and 5s, and a technical weatherproof outdoor pillow that works equally well indoors. All the new lines will be releasing throughout the next couple of months ramping into the holiday season, available here.



21. July - 2013

After recently rebranding their 8th Street location, Saskatoon's premier streetwear boutique Momentum is set to release a capsule collection consisting of iconic Canadiana pieces. The project has been in the works for the past few months. I had the opportunity to design the key elements of the project and can't wait for these to be released. Follow for the latest news on this collaborative project.



21. July - 2013

Concepts always start on paper. Working on some ideas for MSTRPLNĀ® Strong From The North Brand releases.



21. July - 2013

I was recently contracted by the Super Galactic Cycling Crew to develop the look and feel of their branding and design their upcoming cycling kits. A team comprised of the best riders from the United States and Canada, the SGCS will be touring the world competing in some of the best track and road races. You can read more about the team and buy some gear at #SUCKMYDRAFT.



20. July - 2013

Recently had the opportunity to work with the homie and photographer Northtrooper on a small impromptu photo-shoot for the MSTRPLN® Northern Five Panel hats. You can pick up a Northern Five Panel online at the Goods & Supply shop here.



20. July - 2013

Part of what has become an unassuming ongoing series through my Instagram feed, The "If I had a chance this is what I'd design" concept of the Nike Roshe Run has been made to incorporate the iconic Safari colorway. What do you think?



15. April - 2013

It comes as no surprise as to why the Roshe Run is so popular these days. Although this isn't official Nike/NikeSportswear work, I decided to put together a deconstructed illustrated version of this shoe.
What do you think?



14. April - 2013

There has been a lot of coverage online lately on the MSTRPLN® Modern Woodgrain Camouflage collection. So far the response has been quite positive and the products well received among both the streetwear and design communities. It's nice to see the woodgrain pattern translated into a printed medium. The collection is now available online at the Goods & Supply shop.


In the Mail Today - Air Max 95 OG

01. April - 2013

Big thanks to the folks over at Momentum in Saskatchewan for these. Crossing these classic Neon Air Max 95's off the list of eluded sneakers from back in the day.


MSTRPLN® Northern Five Panel Hats - Now Available

29. March - 2013

I'm really excited to announce that the MSTRPLN® Northern Five Panels are now available for purchase at Goods & Supply Co. - Currently shipping to Canada and the USA in two colorways - Olive with Hunter Orange embroidery, and Black with Gunmetal embroidery. You can read the backstory to these hats in the portfolio section.


The Northern Five Panel / MSTRPLN® 2013

06. January - 2013

Strong From the North MMXIII

2013 hits hard with the upcoming release of The Northern Five Panel hat. This has been on the table for the better part of the year with an interesting brand story behind it. I'm happy to finally see it all come together in the end. The hat will be available as a limited release, two versions will be dropping, the first being a signature Black/Gunmetal colorway set for early 2013. Keep up on Twitter and Instagram for the latest news.


2012 The Year In Review

22. December - 2012

2012 was a huge year for myself and for MSTRPLN®. I could never have imagined what the year held last January, as it went beyond all of my expectations. To begin, it's special in the sense that this is the 10th anniversary of the brand and website. What began as a simple idea in 2001 has since been progressing in many ways and in a sense is only getting started. Putting hard work in (and being in the right place at the right time) afforded many opportunities over the course, especially in 2012.

Some Highlights for 2012:

A nomination for Best Canadian Designer Website of the year by FITC.

The launch of Goods & Supply Co. and a MSTRPLN® print and accessories line, available worldwide through the webstore.

Featured in Hypebeast, Complex, Highsnobiety, Art & Sole, as well as countless other websites.

Our first brick and mortar stockist - Reed Space in the Lower East Side NYC.

And more importantly, great connections made through social media with a lot of good people.

On behalf of MSTRPLN®, just wanted to take the time to wish you all the best this Holiday season.
Have a good one and let's connect in the new year.


A Thousand Thanks

04. December - 2012

Just wanted to take the time to thank everyone for the support over the last couple of weeks. Thanks to everyone who picked up a print, iPhone case, pillow or just got the word out about the projects, work and products. It's tremendous. Still have some things up my sleeve for the coming Winter, so be sure to keep an eye out on the site and the shop.


MSTRPLN® x North Trooper

26. November - 2012

Happy to announce a joint venture with North Trooper, a Montreal-based Photographer with a portfolio of brands under his belt the likes of Mishka, Stussy and O'Neill, among others. Excited to launch the new branding. Keep an eye out for this.


Trail Status iPhone Cases available now

25. November - 2012

New drop. With inspiration from the technical outerwear of the 90's, Trail Status is a collection of Casemate™ cases for the iPhone 5 and 4/4s. A joint collaboration with design direction from Andrew Dukaczewski of Blue Bloods. Perfect for the colder months ahead. You can see the collection at Goods & Supply Co.


MSTRPLN® on Instagram

09. November - 2012

Social media is a huge part of getting great feedback on new designs and letting people know what i'm working on. I'm using my Instagram feed for just that, to give a behind the scenes look at some work in progress. Hit us up on Instagram here!


Nike Sportswear - If I had the chance, this is what i'd do ... Part 3

07. November - 2012

Part of what has become an unassuming ongoing series through my Instagram feed, my "If I had a chance this is what I'd design" concepts of the Nike Roshe Run has garnered some great feedback from the social community over the last few weeks (and quite a few hits from the PDX).

work work

MSTRPLN® Trail Status

26. October - 2012

I'm a huge fan of outdoor technical outerwear from the 90's, especially gear for all conditions. With the success of the Casemate™ iPhone cases that were put together for the Minimal Sneaker Project, I wanted to extend the reach into something appropriate and stylish for the colder seasons ahead. Be on the lookout for the Trail Status series of art prints and iPhone cases from Casemate™.


Nike Sportswear - If I had the chance, this is what i'd do ... Part 2

12. October - 2012

The other week I put together a design concept of how I envisioned the Roshe Run if I had a shot at doing some color treatments for NSW. It received a tremendous response from the internet. I thought I would further this concept and put out another design. Nike, if you're reading this and you like what you see, hit me me up and let's talk about making something great.


Forsnowboarding 2013 in the works

11. October - 2012

This will be the 5th anniversary of Forsnowboarding. The seasonal website dedicated to design within the snowboard industry, which originally dropped in 2008, is still going strong and gaining traction within both design and snowboard circles. I've had opportunity to do interesting things with brands like Nike and O'Neill in the past, this year will be no exception. As the days get colder make sure to peep Forsnowboarding and keep an eye out for the 2013 season launch.


Nike Sportswear - If I had the chance, this is what i'd do...

05. October - 2012

The Roshe Run is one of my favorite shoes at the moment coming out of the NSW camp over at the swoosh. If I had a shot at doing some color treatments, this is the first thing that I would drop. Clean classic colors and everything looks better with a speckled midsole. Paying homage to the rich heritage of the brand but looking to the future - what more do you need?


MSTRPLN® / Strong From The North

01. October - 2012

Gave a little sneak peek a while back on the branding for this new project with a focus on Northern culture and heritage. Here is some of the imagery that will be incorporated. This will be dropping as the days get shorter.


Minimal Sneaker Prints Now available at Reed Space

24. August - 2012

It's great to say that a limited number of MSTRPLN® Minimal Sneaker Prints are available for purchase at Reed Space in New York. Have always had the most respect for Staple Design and Reed Space, so it's great to be partnering with them for this. If you're in the Lower East Side be sure to roll on through the shop.

Reed Space.
156 Allen Street
Ground Floor
New York, NY 10002


Nike SB

12. August - 2012

Found these on my doorstep this morning, direct from the Nike WHQ. Big thanks to my friends at the Nike SB program for the gift. These are perfect for skating and look great for the street. Bonus points for the MSTRPLN® colorway. Props!



30. July - 2012

Received a nice package in the mail from a good friend. Got hooked up with a couple pairs of nice new Oakley Frogskins. These are part of the Acid Tortoise series, new for Summer 2012 from Oakley and definitely do not disappoint. I've been a big Oakley loyalist since the 90's and the Frogskins are up there as one of my favorite models. I wrote up about the history of these shades over at my other site, Check out History of Oakley Frogskins for more info.


MSTRPLN® Nike Roshe Run

12. July - 2012

My favorite sneaker to date and possibly the sleeper hit of 2012. NSW nailed it with these. Until they come out with a Nike ID option, I'm just going to have to do it myself.


Strong From The North Branding Sneak Peek

10. July - 2012

Some branding that I have been working on for a Fall collection, with strong emphasis on Nature and Northern culture, whatever that may be. A work in progress that will see the light of day once the Summer comes to an end.


Minimal Sneaker Project Still Going Strong

10. July - 2012

I've had an overwhelmingly positive response to the first release of the Minimal Sneaker Project. I'm thankful for all the support and to those that had picked up an art print or T-Shirt. They can still be picked up through Goods & Supply Co. and now are available in a gallery quality framed option.


Upcoming projects

07. June - 2012

Lots of things going down this Summer. Some new projects that I am working on are finally coming into fruition and will be dropping within the coming weeks. Below is a taste of some of the new stuff coming out of MSTRPLN®. There will be an official announcement, but expect to see the Goods & Supply Co. dropping this month with product offerings. Keep you posted!


MSTRPLN® x Puma x Marcus Troy Experience

24. May - 2012

Fortunate to find these waiting for me at the office. I was invited to take part in a style exercise put together for Puma by Marcus Troy. It revolved around the style of the Puma Suede sneaker, and how people are incorporating it into their everyday style. I received a pair in grey and teal and they are really hit the mark. Minimal with a nice hit of color, and surprisingly super comfortable. Check out the microsite for Puma at Marcus Troy, and while you're at it, vote for me.


Inspiration comes from the most unlikeliest of places

16. May - 2012

Drawing inspiration from past experiences, sometimes it's great to look back, because you never know what you might find that could be relevant today. I found an old box of NBA Hoops basketball cards kicking around and now I'm looking at them with a new set of eyes. Studying layout, color and type treatment. You'd be surprised what you'd find. 1990 in a box right there.


MWM x Nike Lunarglide 3

16. May - 2012

Got these in the mail this week, big thanks to Matt W. Moore from MWM Graphics who hooked me up with a pair of wicked awesome Boston City Series Nike Lunarglide3's. They feature MWM signature style geometric patterns on the tongue and insole. Amazing.


MSTRPLN® Stickers

07. May - 2012

Had a chance to get some MSTRPLN® stickers put together. Flowed some out to the homies so look for those in your mailboxes. If you want to get in on it, give me a shout with your mailing address and if there are any left over, they're yours.


Nike Roshe Run

07. May - 2012

While I was in Toronto for the FITC Awards I was able to scoop up a pair of the Nike Roshe Run, what will soon become the hottest shoe of the Summer and quite possibly a future classic. These sneakers are the truth, super minimal in construction and full of technical goodness, not to mention a clean color palette. Everything I like about Nike and the Design Kitchen. These are part of the Sportswear collection and were designed by Dylan Raash. You could read up about the interesting story of how these came to be on How To Make It. Shout out to my friend Drew for putting me on to these, otherwise I would have probably slept..


2012 FITC Awards Finalist - Best Canadian Designer Website

02. April - 2012

Just got word that the MSTRPLN® website has been selected as a finalist in the 2012 FITC Awards for Best Canadian Designer Website. A lot of hard work and late nights have been spent on the grind putting this site together, so this is welcome news as well as a truly humbling experience to be among such a great crowd of designers and creatives.

MSTRPLN® has also been added to the FITC's People's Choice Awards, so if you feel so inclined to show your support, you can by voting for me on the FITC website: Thanks!


Things are getting ill

28. March - 2012

Shout out goes to Fatlace for releasing their new season of Illest. This brand is making some traction, expect to see it booming in 2012. The most OG site that I have been checking since 2002 and the StayFresh Crew days. Keep an eye out!


New MSTRPLN® iPhone Wallpaper - Splatter

28. March - 2012

Get your iPhone looking proper with a new MSTRPLN® splatter wallpaper. Available in Retina format. Free download here


New iPhone Wallpaper - Splatter

20. March - 2012

My history goes back to the late 80's and early 90's when the sneaker game was at it's all time high. Jordans, Agassis, BO Jackson, The Pump and a grip more of the hottest kicks at that time (and even now) were all on people's feet. I'd read Sports Illustrated for the Nike ads and paste them on my wall. Little did I know that this unknown influence would lay the foundation for what I feel is a key part of the style makeup of MSTRPLN® I take great pleasure in incorporating this some way or another into my work. Some great projects are lined up this year that do just that, keep an eye out.


Up and Running

15. March - 2012

New MSTRPLN® website is live. A new look and new work added to the portfolio. It's a bit of a change from past designs but I think it's a great evolution. Lots of great things still to come this year!


Building on Building - don't mind the mess.

02. March - 2012

Switching over to the new platform for the latest build of the MSTRPLN® website. Doing some QA and testing so things might be glitchy.


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